What Is Relationship Marketing And How You Can Use It To Grow Your Business

Written by Hsen Snen on Jan.24 2022

With relationship marketing, you can turn existing customers into brand advocates. Here's everything you need to know to make it a reality.

How to turn existing customers into engaged brand advocates

New relationships are always exciting—and the business kind are no exception.

Your new customers are thrilled to have found a great solution, and you’re excited about your business growth.

The issue is that many companies (especially the ones in their early stages) think they have more growth opportunity focusing on new customers instead of current ones.

This means throwing existing customers on the back burner as soon as they’ve gotten on board.

Placing most of your energy into acquiring instead of retaining current customers will create an “acquire, churn, and burn” cycle that

will cost you a lot.

Investing more time in nurturing existing relationships is something that will pay off in the long run.

The key to any happy, healthy, and lasting relationship is providing a human touch—an experience that in the era of chatbots is rather a rare delight.

By using relationship marketing as a driver of the human interactions that delight your customers, you’ll fulfill their additional need for an outstanding experience.